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Introducing the Lorien Hatchet Jacks. This is a loriendesign.ca project… The original Jacks were made from 8mm A2 Steel, those have all been sold. I am currently filling spots for a Pre-Order run in High Carbon. These will be finished in Mid March 2015.

Lorien Hatchet Jack Specs:  $425 (Sold OUT)
Steel: 1/4 (.250″) Tool Steel
Handle: Single color G10
Sheath: BuyBrownInd. Kydex
This is a Lorien Designed Hatchet Jack. A2 Steel with Micarta and G10 Handle
This is one of the hatchet Jacks with a BuyBrownInd Kydex sheath

Hatchet Jack Pre

Hatchet Jack Lorien Hatchet Jack

Lorien Hatchet Jack

6 Lorien Hatchet Jacks