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Ryan W Knives Karambit

¬†This is the field grade version of Ryan W. Knives Karambit, It is called the “UTrap” designed for Military, Law Enforcement an those trained in the Martial art known as Kerambit (Philippines and South East Asia). I personally carry this blade on my left hand side as a back up to the the object currently taking up space on my right hand side <insert some clever imoji>

These can be found at Blade HQLimited Quantity Available

I am not trained in the Kerambit style of fighting but have been approached a few times to make a custom Karambit. After extensive research and advice from those that are into that style of knife, this was the result. I am very excited about these. High Carbon Karambits can be special ordered via Email: ryan@ryanwknives.com

UTrap Karambit with Hamon (Top) – Field Grade UTrap Karambit (Bottom)

UTrap Karambits

My Personal EDC Carry UTrap Karambit

UTrap Karambit
UTrap Karambit