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Gearing up for the biggest knife show of the year… Nikki and my youngest Luke will be joining me for the first time so should be exciting!

I have a few blades in the works that are being delivered at the show, I don’t have a table

  1. (3) TAD Gear Persians – Two Customs and the first “Field Grade”
  2. Weigl Khuk-Fighter
  3. Marfione Mini-Fighter
  4. Borka / Ryan W. Knives R.S.R. Collaboration
  5. UTrap Karambit
  6. Guardless Fighter

2016 TAD Group
00Borka Khukuri L 00Borka Khukuri SheathMarfione Mfer R 2016 Blade RSR

00Blade 2016 UTrap