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A few years ago at the OKCA Show I had the pleasure of meeting Eric Ochs. I had just started making knives at the time and saw his folders and immediately fell in love (with the Knives). Some how I tricked him into letting me make him a camp knife, he sent me the design he wanted and some handle material (Leopard Wood and Carbon Fiber). We went through some challenges on getting the steel worked out. Initially he wanted it in Mike Turner Chain Saw Blade damascus.

That fell through so we went with Rob Thomas Razor Wire (Leaving some details out here) I have the Billet on hand and ready to start working on that camp knife.

Eric Ochs Camp Knife:
Steel: 0.162″ x 1.5″ x 10.9″ Stainless Razor Wire by Rob Thomas Damascus
OAL: 10.9″  Blade: 6″
Handle: Leopard Wood / Carbon Fiber
Misc: Tapered Tang, Sweeping Plunge, Lanyard Tube, Mosaic Pin
Sheath: Tooled Leather (Right Hand) 

Ochs 2.0 Final

Since I had to shrink down the original Design I decided to make a full size one for Eric as well

Ochs 1.0 Final