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I was lucky early on in my knife making ventures, I was featured in a 3 page article in the magazine Tactical Knives… In that article one of the knives reviewed was an Argo II (the knife on the far right)

Tactical Knives Ryan Weeks

I recently received a request to make one of my SPK’s in that same pattern steel which happens to be made by my friend Mike Turner out of Oregon. for those that don’t know exactly what SanMai is… Think of it like a steel sandwich. the outside layers (the Bread) are 100+ year old Wrought iron for an old mariner chain the core (the Meat, or Tofu For you vegetarians) it 1095 high Carbon and will end up the hardened edge.

Turner SanMaiSPK Profile on SanMai

Marked Steel, Drilled pin holes and weight reduction / epoxy holes, cut away excess steel with band saw, then cleaned up the profile on the grinder.

IMG_0341 IMG_0342 IMG_0344IMG_0348

Quick dip in the etchant to make sure the core is centered along the cutting edge, marked the center lines, then marked the planned grind lines on both sides






SanMai SPK Final