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I have always been passionate about knives… As a young boy my fascination grew from playing Cowboys and Indians with the neighborhood knuckleheads. Sticks found their way under my belt taking the form of a stag handled Bowie. With my trusty 6 Shooter (cap gun) strapped to my right hip I terrorized the surrounding back yards. Hiding behind anything that would provide adequate cover, waiting to ambush an unsuspecting adult or pet that happened to be in the area.

As I grew older more funds became available, working Saturdays with my father on our rental properties provided enough money to start my knife collection. I started out buying inexpensive folding knives with the old style lock back. On family vacations I did not look for T-Shirts or trinkets to bring home as souvenirs, I would look for anything resembling a knife and beg to add it to my collection. I remember asking my dad for $50 that he owed me so I could walk to the local sporting goods store and purchase a knife that I had my eyes on for a long time, The Gerber Mark I! Needless to say my father felt this was a very poor financial decision on my part but relinquished the cash with a sign of disappointment on his face. I still have that Knife… The tip is broken from prying something, the sheath is cracked and clip is broken. One of my favorite possessions to this day!

As an adult, knives became something that I used on a daily basis. I gained an appreciation for the skill and art found in many custom knives. Dad was right, that Gerber started what later became a very expensive habit of buying custom knives!  I started collecting high end custom knives from many famous makers. Over the last few years of making knives I have become friends with some of those amazing makers. They have played a huge role in the type of knives I like and make on a daily basis.

Out in the wild is where I prefer to spend my time

Playing in the mountains


My Grandfather “Grandpa Willie” was a true Outdoors man and Hunter. He worked as a Building Contractor, Owned and Operated a Bar/Cafe (Cooked, Cleaned, Bounced), Boxer, Rancher… he and I had a special connection due to our similar interests and personalities. I inherited his knives, most are worn to the Spine from real world use! “Only carry a knife if you can back it up” was one of his favorite sayings. He could definitely back up a knife.

The “Crossed W” in my logo is his Livestock Brand, every knife I make is a tribute to him.

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