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This knife is one that I am very fond of. My Grandfather William Weeks “Grandpa Willie” worked as a butcher and primarily used the old Schrade Sharpfinger (Model 154 OT). After getting advice from multiple competent sources I redesigned it to what I feel is a better and much easier to handle Big game processing knife.  If you hunt Deer, Elk or Moose this knife is a must have. You can follow the Birth of this Knife CLICK ME

Approx Specs:
Preferred Steel: 3/16″ High Carbon
OAL: 7.5″ Blade: 3.5″
SanMai SPK Final JUK SPK Final

Stag SPK 7.5"

Rose SPK 7.5"

Rinella SPK 7.5"

Osage SPK 7.5"

Damascus SPK 7.5"

WalBuck SPK 7.5"

Pair of SPK 7.5"

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